Uipath Orchestrator Error

Hi all,

Presently working with uipath Orchestrator, I am having an tenant account with the Uipath Orchestrator and successfully created the link with Uipath studio and the orchestrator, I have created ah sample notepad application which will open the notepad and write some text into the notepad. I have tested on the local system its working fine when trying to run through the orchestrator the application is getting failed directly can any one suggest me where I have gone wrong.

Attaching the xaml file and the orchestrator error image.
Any suggestion will be helpful and Thanks in Advance

Notepad_flow.xaml (7.4 KB)

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Hi @harsha8687, what error are you getting?

“Logon failure: unknown user name or password”

I have found the error but trying to solve the issue

Hi @harsha8687, most probably is your domain or credential.

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