UiPath Orchestrator - Job Faulted

#job for on robot failed

why this error occurs while start job in orchestrator

Can you also paste the error details, probably when you hover over the Red Icon?

Most common error is if the Credentials are wrong, could be some other issue as well.

As I said earlier, check the credentials for Robot indra.


@vvaidya hey did you solved this? Which username and password should we provide in robot provisioning page?

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Hi Amyth,

You have to use the username where the Robot is installed. You can find it out by typing in cmd whoami, as suggested in this post: Uipath Robot Tray Error - Logon failure - #2 by satishkumar

what about password?. My pc is not password protected!!!

@amithvs Leave empty in password field

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Password is marked mandatory…when left blank we cannot proceed by creating the robot…

Also we should copy and paste the whoami result in username part right??

What Orchestrator are you using? In 2017.1 version(ex: https://platform.uipath.com/) the Password filed is not mandatory.

Yes, copy-paste the result in Domain\Username field.

I am using the 2017 version…thanx will try this and let you know.

Hi Ovi,

previously i was getting error


I corrected user name and password in orchestartor as it is for my system

Now i m getting below error:


Userrname & Password is correct now.

Kindly help in it.

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Sorry… It worked, passwrd issue it was…:slight_smile:

Thank you, It helped.

That was the solution for me, thank you.