Orchestrator Topic Error

i have started my job. i got this error.
UserName and Password incorrect

Hi @ajkv,

While creating the robots, in robots page, what is the username and password have you given it should windows username and password.
You have to provide Domain\username, you can do this by going to cmd and type whoami, which will given domain and username and password will be windows password, the password with which you login to the system

The same error is come.
i have installed uipath studio only.
i’m not install orchestrator

You cannot install orchestrator, it is a webbased platform.

Have you used your windows username and password only while creating the robot.

How to install Orchestrator

Hi @ajkv,
Here is the instruction:

However it requires the additional license if you want to have your own Orchestrator. If you are using Community Edition you can use our free Orchestrator instance you have posted :slight_smile: