Orchestartor robot faulted every time while running job getting error details as "Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password"


Followed each and every step as followed:

  1. i have Registered my robot to Orchestrator successfully
  2. also given robot key and orchestrator URL in the Tasbars’s [Ui Icon] i.e UiPath Robot’s advanced setting.
  3. created environment for it
  4. deployed the process
  5. when i am started the job but it gets failed every time, i am using system’s(windows) usename and password for provisional robot.

Please help to start orchestrator job successully…



Hi @NehaGhodki

Have you checked if you have entered the domain ? (domain\username)



Hi @Susana
Yes , I have Entered domain\Username of my system.



You have assigned your system credentials in orchestrator? or your robot you have given your custom credential?

Because if you have not assigned custom credential to robot on your system then use system credential in orchestrator robot provision



I have given my system credential i.e domain\username to Orchestrator robot.
Now it is giving me the error message as below :



Usually appears when you use High-Density Robots (server machine with multiple users) and you have the logintoconsole parameter set to true in the UiPath.settings file.


Hi ,

Can i use workgroup\username name instead of domain\username cz our system is not in domain, we have workgroup… is it possible?? pls tell…



Try it out.


i have given workgroup\username but still not working…
custom credentials? where exactly can u pls elaborate? to my robot i have given windows credentials…


entered only Username now its working fine… job executed successfully …:grinning:


When you say you have given windows credential while provision robot then it suppose to work.
did you do this "logintoconsole parameter set to true in the UiPath.settings file." ?


I too have same problem can ooyou help me out