UiPath Cloud Platform - Public Preview

When I click on my a Service in the new CloudRPA platform, I’m getting ERROR 500 - /GenericError.html?aspxerrorpath=/Account/ExternalLoginCallback

Anything I have missed? Please advise.


Check below thread for 500 issue.

Error 500 when navigating to Orchestrator instance from your Cloud Account

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The community plan (2 attended / 1 unattended robots) is available for free subject to the terms and conditions.
Customers needing more than the 2 attended and 1 unattended robots can request more licenses from within the Cloud portal. Requesting more licenses will upgrade the account to the Enterprise plan.
During the preview period, we will not be charging for Enterprise plans. Once the preview period is over, community plans will remain free and enterprise plans will be become paid.


Thank you. We already have enterprise license for on-premise Orchestrator with some Bots. Do we need to pay additional price to move this to cloud?

We are still working on the pricing plans and how licenses transfer across on-prem and cloud. This is something that we will announce in a few months when we’re closer to general availability.
For now, we are not charging for any cloud licenses while in preview; so you can use as many as you need for evaluating the cloud offering.


Thank you for this clarification. This is a terrific development and we look forward to the details. I suspect this will be of great value to customers who struggled with an early commitment to the Orchestrator investment.

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This is really great news! But it would be nice if the Resource Center included a download for the UiPath.Agent.exe only, so that invited (unexperienced) users can easily setup their Attended robots, without needing to download studio.


Yes, Samuel. We agree :slight_smile:

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Merci beaucoup.

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This is awesome :blue_heart: kudos to team UiPath!

Downloading Enterprise and Community from cloud would be so ease.


Does this cloud orchestrator includes the database? Is there an option to use on-prem database with cloud orchestrator?


So far, my organization is using Enterprise in own premises, let’s say we want to change our enterprise license to cloud based one, is there any additonal charges?

May I get the idea of how pricing works in Cloud based? Still need separated orchestrator licenses?

Hi @Alvin

See the post by @tarekmadkour above :slight_smile:

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How can we manage /edit web config file for example integrating with ElasticSearch as part of this cloud offering ?