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Hello all!
Can someone help me with Ui Path Enterprise Cloud version?
I want to test out Studio and Robots in the cloud, but every time I click on Try it out on this link > https://www.uipath.com/start-trial?utm_source=LinkedIn&utm_medium=Social&utm_campaign=PR19RLS&utm_content=Link

I am forward to my community Orchestrator and I don’t have an option to test Cloud Studio and other features.

Can anyone help me with this, or direct me to who I need to speak in order for this to happen?

Hi @srdjan.suc

Two simple steps :slight_smile:

  1. Create Community Cloud Platform account
  2. Go to the Licenses tab and request the Enterprise one :slight_smile:

Just one more question, from what I’ve understood, there is only Cloud Orchestrator, and I am using community edition of it (with limitations that are posted on the website).

There is not Cloud Studio or Cloud Robot right? I still have to install those things on my physical machines?

Btw all of these questions are in regards to the new licensing model that I am currently trying to understand

That is correct you would install Studio and Robot on a host that you setup.

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Okay, excellent, since I was wondering how in the hell would cloud robot even exist.

My follow up question is since we have little higher prices for “Cloud” versions of Robots and Studios, is that because when we connect them to the Cloud Orchestrator we are using it’s resources so the price need to be adjusted? (that seems logical).

If that is the case, then my question is can we “Upgrade” our Studio license to be cloud one.
The hypothetical scenario is simple, we bought classical Studio License (RPA Developer N.U. to be exact with new license model) and now, few months later we bought Cloud Orchestrator as well.

Now the questions are:

  1. Can I connect my Studio to Cloud Orchestrator at all?
  2. If I can, do (can) I upgrade my license to be a Cloud one?

Same question for robots as well.

My understanding when I presented to by our rep is their is a higher cost for Robot/Studio when using Cloud Orchestrator because you are not paying for Orchestrator, where if you used Enterprise Server there would be a yearly cost associated with it. (Keep in mind, the information that I am aware of was before they made changes to their licensing model)

Someone from UiPath would have to speak to the upgrading of license types, I would suggest reaching out to your Sales rep directly for such information as I imagine the pricing model would be slightly different from customer to customer for base prices and potential volume discounts and such.

As for connecting to Orchestrator Cloud with your existing Studio. Yes I don’t see why you wouldn’t be able to - I’m using an Enterprise Name User (Node locked) Studio licenses with Enterprise Orchestrator but I am still able to connect the Studio to the Community Orchestrator without issue.

When you create the Robot in Orchestator, just make sure that you check the “Stand-alone license” so that it will be licensed through Studio and not via Orchestrator and not consume any licenses allocated in Orchestrator only. (If you look at the help screen in Studio it will indicate how Studio is obtaining it’s license)



I think this is possible. I don’t want to give false hope here, I’m sure @ovi will know more.
It might be as simple as contacting your UiPath representative (or our licensing support) and asking to move your stand-alone license under the enterprise cloud orchestrator.

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It is just hypothetical, I am still analyzing whole License model, when I have few more questions I’ll call up my representative :slight_smile:
Honestly it is a little bit overwhelming how much products UiPath has now, with the new licensing model + update every month on Studio I can barely keep up

Hi there, i’m here :smile:

@codemonkee is right. @srdjan.suc You can either just connect Studio to Orchestrator without licensing or reach out to support to move your Studio licenses on your cloud account and you’ll be able to connect and license Studio via Orch. The only limitation here is that you cannot connect a Studio Community Edition to an Enterprise Cloud Orchestrator.

Now, regarding the commercial part, we tried to quickly update the license models to accommodate all the new products. Check out this page and let me know if there are any unclarities: https://licensing.uipath.com/

In general, we are trying to keep the licensing flexible in order to be able to accommodate different customer scenarios and this can lead to unnecessary complexity, but the general idea is to “empower” the per user model (for example, with a Named User license to be able to access multiple products/platforms using the same email, kind of like you’re using your Google account to access YouTube).

I’m currently working on a Forum post regarding licensing changes, will publish it soon and hopefully it will clear out some things.


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