Type into and click activities stopped working after 2 weeks

We are working on automation of sap logon. After 2 weeks od working robots cannot find selectors to log into sap. If we run them in debug mode everything is ok but when runned unattended they stop working when they try to log into sap. I tried with simulate and send window message. Some of the problems disappeared but there are some new one.

  1. I can’t click column name in the sap table
  2. Type into with simulate is typing everything into the frames including hot keys (“transaction’s number [k(enter)]”)

Did anyone also had problem that some errors occurred for no reason after working fine for some time? What the cause of this?
Thanks for any help

I experience a similar problem. RPA is working several days without any issues, then suddenly some Click and Type Into stop working. In a day or two, some other Click/Type Into fall apart.
Generally it is getting resolved by re-recording each of the activities, but would be good to know if there is any logical explanation to this.

Actually, found this post explaining the issue