Type into activity not working in SAP system

Hi Team ,

I am facing one issue while doing SAP automation .
Type into and click activity are not working .Same task while i am doing manually or type into and cick activity working fine when taking these two activity in Separate process .


Is simulate type and simulate click properties enabled
Cheers @navnitkmr

Hi @navnitkmr

Have you enable SAP GUI Editing extension

Ashwin S

please check your selector value and compare with result by Ui Explorer.

if you find the fixed element, please make it dynamic by changing it to be “*”

Still its not working

is the same selector used between them

Thanks for replying … There is no difference in selector . I have checked as per your guide

Thanks !. Yes scripting is enabled in GUI

Hi @navnitkmr

try to check the selector in Ui Explorer

Ashwin S