Activities not working on SAP 740 window

Hello folks,

Previously, I had a issue with identifying elements in SAP. So, we started developing the code by opening both the Uipath and SAP in administrator mode. Now, I scheduled the robot using windows task schdeuler by running it in admin mode. Here I have come up with an issue that no activity(click text, Type into, hotkey etc) is gonna perform on SAP Logon 740(Need to click on LogOn). If we enter manually then the remaining process is working fine like entering the credentials and processing next items
Please suggest on the same. Its high priority


Have you enabled script on both client and server side ?

Yes I have enabled it. Only click is unable to perform on SAP Logon button. If we provide it manually the remaining process is working fine. And also if something opens in background it was performing click. If not it was unable to perform. Please suggest on the same


I am also facing the same issue. Did anyone find solution for this.

Sudha Banakar

Hi All,

I was using the version 2019.10 and also license was taken from orchestrator . However when i ran the bot from studio it was failing with selector issue even though selectors are correct.

I solved this problem by following below steps:

  1. Unstalled the version 2019 , and installed the 2018.4.6
  2. Run the studio as admin
  3. if you have license key , activate it or
    if license is taken from orchestrator , mention orchestartor url and machine key in
    uipath robot tray.
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Does it mean we have to sync between our license version and Studio version?