Time gap between theory and practical exams

hello all,

  1. how much time do we have after I pass the theory test to go for the practical test?
  2. in the practical test, do I have to build a robot and upload the .xaml files? and is it based or REframework ?

Appreciate your Answers

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Good evening,

I don’t believe there is any time limit between the two exams.

Yes, you will be building a bot using the ReFramework and uploading the entire project folder. Doing the Level 3 Advanced training will help you tremendously for this portion of the exam. Make sure to follow the naming convention exactly as they’re shown in the training.

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There’s no set requirement to do as what is shown in training or by any trainers. You just need to show that you can manipulate strings and datatables (more points for using linq), and provide the project in a format that provides logging, error handling, and reliability.

Yes, if you do Level 3 Advanced Training, you can actually duplicate much of what you did there, which makes the practical exam not so difficult to complete within 3 hours.

@Hara_Gopal there should be a link you can click before you begin that shows the scoring items that will be looked at, and passing will not be very difficult… at least until next year when supposedly it will be more difficult (rumor has it)

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I want to say I gave mine names that I considered clearer and the automated grading was looking for very specific names, but I would absolutely trust Clayton on this one @Hara_Gopal

For the record, I don’t know how the automated grading works :smiley:
In general though, you just want to do the important things like annotate, rename default names, logging effectively, and meeting most of the project requirements. I think using REFramework will be a good start to passing, but I don’t think not using it will fail the exam from what UiPath told me.

I thought the same thing too when I first took the exam Clayton.

As someone that takes a great deal of pride in his work, the grading system was pretty painful on the first attempt. Don’t zip your process and upload it, because that will result in a zero :slight_smile:

Keep in mind that at no point will a person be reviewing your process to see how clean, functional, or well annotated it is (unfortunately). The automatic grading system is very particular when passing/failing a project. Even if your project is very clean and processes all the queue items correctly, it does not necessarily mean you will pass.

For example, workflow names, config file variables, etc. must be named to match what the exam question asks you to name them.

See below for examples of things to keep in mind when working through the exam:

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