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I sat the practical part of the Advanced Certification yesterday but unfortunately did not receive a passing score. The fail criteria that is posted does not have any explanation and some of the things that were mentioned I did actually use during my attempt.

Could anyone shed any light on these? If I was to sit the exam again I do not know how I would score more highly because I feel I met these criteria. Please note that I submitted a fully working Bot which completed the task in the way I was asked, and it returned the correct items in the correct format.

I contacted UiPath directly, who advised that no developers were able to look at these sorts of issues and that I should post on the forum. I hope I’m not breaking any rules by posting this screenshot.

Thanks in advance.

actually it is already good that they have given information on what went wrong with your workflow.

In any exam, there won’t be actually a feedback on what went wrong with your solution but rather what marks that you have obtained.

make use of the given feedback and improve on your work. i don’t think uipath developers would really sit down and explain to you one by one what went wrong

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Hi garywjd91,

I’m glad they gave me some kind of feedback but the issue I’m having is that if this list is what I should have done/included in my workflow, it is incorrect because I did actually meet all those criteria! E.g. ‘Separate xaml file for login to acme with correct definition and functionality’ - I have a separate workflow named ‘LoginToACME’ which logs into by pulling user credentials from the Config file, which I was asked to do in the question. How can this be a fail criteria?

Some of the points have either 1 or 2 beside them, I’m not sure what that means either. My initial thought was that in the grading scheme there is a numbered system for beginner, intermediate and advanced which is signified by a 1 or 2. To include that in the failed criteria doesn’t make sense to me.

I guess I’m just looking for some clarification, I am hoping someone will see this who also failed and can advise.

@PeterHeyburn Please check this thread this might be useful.

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Hi Manjuts90,

Thank you for linking that thread, I will take those points on board for my next attempt.

Do you have any ideas about the extra criteria I was given?

@PeterHeyburn Many of the criteria you have given is answered in that thread please go through the thread once.

Points missed in that are

  1. Check the closeallapplications.xaml file for correct definition and functionality.
  2. Check for cvs appendrange configuration.
  3. Check for correct target selector.

Get credentials from windows credentials manager

Don’t reset data in acme website till you result.

Attempt for second time and upload the code for new exercise. If you do not have chance left ask for it they will give you three more attempts

Hi Manjuts90,

Yes, the thread was useful and I will use what I read there when I attempt the exam again thank you!

In the exercise I was instructed not to use external file references outside the project folder, including orchestrator assets. I assume that would also apply to windows credentials.

My thoughts:

  1. My xaml file here closes ‘iexplore’ which is the only application used, I instructed that the append to excel be done in the background. I will check naming conventions.
  2. Save the file path in config rather than hard coding in the activity.
  3. Not sure about this, if the selector was incorrect the bot would not work (which it does).

I did not reset ACME data before I got my result.

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Hi Vishalalim,

That is what I plan to do, but I thought it best to work out why I did not pass the first time so that I do not make the same mistakes!

Follow best practices and ensure you follow and comply all constrains in the assignment. Such as renaming activities, removing unwanted variables etc

Thanks for the help guys, I re-sat the exam and am now certified!


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