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Dear Tem, I successfully completed my Theroy test today and Ima preparing for the Final test now…I have gone thru all the Lessons appeared for all the Quiz, however Advanced Level 3 assgnments are pending.

I want to know if there is any particular format followed for the Practical test, I mean all workflows need to be built as per REFramework or few are exempted…
Because Theory was a surprise…You cannot skip a question to solve it later and than results gave info on how many questions from Foundation, Orchestrator and Advanced Learning were added and how we scored…pardon my ignorance but these info was not available before test.
Hence, could anyone please guide on the format for the practical…and the Best way/tips to clear it and anyspecific topic we need to focus more
Appreciate your Support!


In the advanced training, there is a video which explains about the framework.

Once you go thru that, then there are walk through documents which clearly explains what to do, how to do and the best practices as well while solving the assignments.

If you face any issues, just post the issue here, the community members are always there to help you.

Make sure that you are clear with the topics explained in the Foundation training.

All the best.

Karthik Byggari

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Thanks Karthik!
this is one of the best forums ….its easy to get help instantly…Thanks again
I have gone thru it and preparing for the Assignments…I wanted to know do we have any insights on the format for practicals…and any specific topic that will carry more weightages since the Grading System didn’t carry all the info.

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Not sure about the grading system. You need to achieve the output as defined in the assignment for passing the Advanced Certification.

I agree Karthik…I will juts rephrase my queries.

  1. Do we need to build all projects on REFramework for the test or it is optional.
  2. Is there any specific topic that needs more attention from exam perspective.
  3. Does successfully completing Assignments 1 and 2 in Advanced Level is sufficient enough to clear the exams.

Thank you

Hi @husaindxb27

Actually REFramework is optional in final exam, but I suggest you to finish the Level 3 assignments before doing the exam. The answer to your third question is Yes, completing Assignments 1 and 2 in Advanced Level is sufficient enough to clear the exams.


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Do not attempt the practical until you are confident and well practised with RE-Framework as thats the primary area of testing for the certification.

If you understand and finish assignments 1 and 2 in Advanced training, certification practical will be a breeze

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Thank you Al, you responses gave me much needed confidence…Kudos to you all

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