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I am taking the Uipath advanced certification online. There was three parts of exam, one is theoretical objective I have taken this and 2nd is Practical exam (yet to take). Can anybody help me by explaining the practical exam. And also before taking the exam, what i have to keep in mind. Also need some guidance that how is the exam pattern.
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In this practical exam, they will give one task and we have to complete it within in 3.30 Hrs time. And also we have 3 attempts to complete it. Question will change on every attempt. We must use REFramework to complete this assignment.

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Can you send me the example tasks (Questions)
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Thanks for your help , But the thread you attached is not reached my requirement .I need more about the practical exam . Exam pattern and example tasks would be helpful.
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I don’t have any example questions. Have you completed Level 3 training in Academy or not ?

If yes then tasks are some what related to it. All the tasks will be based on ACME data only. Before attempting exam, learn about REFramework and Orchestrator. We need to use both to complete this task.

UI Path Certification is quite simple post completing the UI Path Academy- Free online courses.The Certification question comes randomly, there is no fix set of questions.

If someone wants any help in certification, feel free to reach me @- gks.gauravkr@gmail.com

Its simple, interesting and rewarding, I learnt in 3 week time and completed the certification few days before.

You can start learning on ui path official learning portal - https://www.uipath.com/rpa/academy

Post learning, you can get yourself certified by clearing exam on - https://certificate.uipath.com/account/login

For Practical part of certification, you have to get clear understanding on RE Framework, learn, practice and then attempt with perfection.

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