Mock test for phase 2 certification

can anyone supply a good link for a mock test for phase 2(practical) of the certification exam? I had a good one by cope automation but youtube made them take it down. Also, if there is a good phase 1 (theory) mock test, it would be good to know that too.
thanks, Debbie w.

Hi sir,

What I’d just like to say is that Phase 2 (practical) of the UiPath official certification exam is quite similiar to Developer Advanced Training (Academy), perhaps you will get exame with queues case use or datatable case use, but if you do Developer Advanced Academy Training you’ll be prepared to perform Phase 2 of Official Developer Advanced Certification. Therefore, just do ** Level 3 - RPA Developer Advanced Training on Academy before and make sure you understand the concepts (REFramework) worked on this. =) **

Just a small note, in the test it will be necessary to use ReFramework so be sure that you got it figured out how it works

—Rather I’m searching links I would like to suggest you few ideas that could help you in your examination
—usually in Certification exam we have got two stages
One is Theoretical with 45 questions with timespan of 1:30 minutes while the practical has 3:30 mins to complete a full packed project to be done
Let’s go one by one
—first theoretical has 45 questions where most of them are form what we learned in the three levels of training like
Level-1 Foundation
Level-2 Orchestrator
Level-3 Advanced Training
—here we would have got to know may quizzes for each lesson and they are going to play a major role here. Concentrate more on them and even after clearing those quizzes try to take the chance again with TRY AGAIN option for each quizzes so that we could know and test ourself on more questions related to that lesson
—this will increase the confidence to face the theoretical exam in the Certification
—concentrate more on the REFramework part and other advanced topics like queues and transactions while going through the level-2 and level-3 trainings
—that’s all you will surely crack the theoretical part with this process

—while coming to the practical exam kindly through keenly the topic with advanced training’s like REFramework and template, queues and transactions etc
—hope you would have completed the two assignments in the Level-3 advanced tradings with REFramework template
—if so that would really help you cream this very easily
—we got three and half hours and I m telling if we are thorough with the concepts then it would take a maximum time of only 2 to 2:30 hours

Hope this would help you
My best wishes for your exams
Kindly let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @dcdebbie

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