Studio X Chrome Targets and anchors

Hi all,
I am looking into Studio X to see if I can create a simple robot that would open our planning software (web based) and set up my planboard each morning. As it’s web based it typically takes a few minutes to do, I figure I can be busy doing something else. Also, its a simple proof of concept for RPA, or so I thought.

My issue is that the planboard is split into 3 sections. Top section is unplanned work, middle section is planned work and bottom is various resources.

To select what you want to see you pick from the drop down. When data returns into a kind of table or datagrid, you can then filter on the headers.

In the top section I am not filtering, but I need to filter on the Department in the middle section but both the top and middle sections have a column called Department.
Also, these columns orders can be moved around and I am trying to solve this for many users to introduce RPA as a tool for all. A robot for Everyone. :slight_smile:
I think I cannot rely on image view as I cannot guarentee other users will have the columns in the same order as myself.
I am trying to use target and anchor to latch on. I thought I had cracked it but I am now left to wonder how does target and anchor work?

I set the target as the field for Department. Its anchors were 2 drop downs one row below and to the left a few columns and a second anchor also one row below but a few columns off to the right.

It validated. Great. I saved and ran it… It failed to find… On edit this time it was showing 2 options despite validating first time round!
One of the options were in the top section. But here is what is weird. In the top the Department field has a drop down one row UP and a few columns left and a second drop down still one row UP but a lot more columns to the right.

So my set up for target was in the middle with an anchor a few columns left and right, 1 row down.
But it finds a potential target with 2 anchors 1 row up and a lot of columns off to the side.

I had assumed the anchors were being read for what they looked like, contained etc. But more specifically I had assumed the anchors had defined the pattern. Where they are in relation to the target.
How then does it find a target when the anchors are now above it when they are supposed to be below it?

So to my actual question… How does anchors work? What is their role in defining the location of the target, if as in my experience it does not matter if it finds anchors above or below.

So far, I have no joy in getting this to work as I cannot make the bot identify the correct field to filter on.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

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