Getting Targets and Anchors in Edge

@dianamorgan Whenever I “indicate target on screen” in the browser Edge using StudioX, I seem to get delays. If I target Edge when I select applications in the previous activity, in its sequential activities where I need to click “indicate target on screen”, it doesn’t bring the Edge window up right away like it does when using Chrome. It freezes for a bit, then brings the window up. Is this just me, or it is also the same for other people? If it is universal, could there a fix in the next version?


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I did some testing using Edge with the RPA Challenge webpage, and I was having no noticeable delays. I’m on version

It might be just you. Ensure you have enough memory and CPU usage available, cause UiPath uses a lot.

I also found that selectors were working fine.

From my experience, some websites didn’t work well, which can cause delays. But, I feel like the Reboot your skills course doesn’t use any weird website. Which website were you using?-maybe I can test that one if it wasn’t the RPA Challenge.


Hi Clayton,

Thank you for testing out. I tried again after I restarted my laptop, even when I selected Edge as the browser, it didn’t respond until later. I am using the same version of UiPath. The website I use is for currency exchange rate.



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