User Interface Automation with StudioX - The RPA Challenge

In this course, you discovered that User Interfaces can be automated either by adding the activities one by one or by recording your actions and having the activities generated. What applications/websites used in your work do you plan on automating?

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I wasn’t able to solve this. I tried:

  1. Removing the image selection and fuzzy selectors mode in each anchor since they didn’t return a match like selectors did
  2. Used the labels as anchors
  3. Switched UA mode to AA

Didn’t seem like Check State was relevant to the challenge.

Same issue i faced if anyone have any suggestions


I am able to automate this scenario.

Thank you for the exercise from UI Path

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This was not really a challenge because the anchor was indicated automatically correct so nothing to do here…


This was a fun, if straight-forward exercise. I think it would be fun to have needed to use the State Check function as part of the challenge. Perhaps to ensure the browser is in the right “tab” (Input Forms vs Shortest Route, for example), and the form could randomize what “tab” the page is on per submission?

It was fun doing this exercise, however at the end of 10th record I dint see any final message saying everything was correct - Challenge completed. It just closed the windows

This was a blast! Figuring this out and using the modified with the “Excel for Each Row” activity and the “Repeat Number of Times” was really exciting. Watching it complete itself was satisfying

I have only set a range in “Excel For Each Row”, without the “Repeat Number of Times”, but it still worked.
But I clicked somewhere on the screen during the first iteration. I lost one field but the bot continued to work. Interessting…

Repeat Number of times didn’t work for me. After each record submission, I have to rerun. So I used Excel for Each Row and I was successful.

Hi !
I did it, using excel for each row directly. It was fun. The only trick I found was as I work on a laptop, the submit button was not visible once, so it stopped the pgm. I went around by decreasing the % of the in the settings. Once the submit button was always on the screen, it worked fine. Very happy to see the progress, filing more comfortable in investigating what go wrong.

Use label as anchor

I was able to solve this automation scenario.
A lot of fun as always :grinning:

Solved! using excel For Each Row.

USed both Excel for row and Repeat Activity, also tried adding Excel for row inside Repeat and by mistake, I gave repeat 10 times - it went on loop for all the 10 records 10 times, it worked but took a lot of time

Very true. But it shows how powerful UiPath StudioX really is :grinning:

Simple exercise but yes it really helps illustrate the possibilities. I used the ‘For each row’ option. Data entry is something pretty common in most offices, so my mind is buzzing thinking of all the ways this can be used.

It was fun, I’m able to complete this challenge.

Quietly pleased with myself for managing to solve the puzzle - albeit in a very ‘longform’ manner because I couldn’t figure out how to use the Repeat for nRows’ function. This meant that I basically copied and pasted all my actions after proving that the first set worked out the result. I found that wherever there was a suggestion of a duplicated field, that using the image selector to indicate an anchor worked best for me.

Fun exercise. Completed it.