Indicate Target and Anchor


When I indicate a Target on Screen ,the anchor should be indicated as well. But, l faced an issue when l indicate the target the anchor did not appear for me .see below picture

Is there any change could be done to Ui Path studiox setting to make anchor appear.


can you try indicating it again but instead of using the fuzzy selector, just keep the strict selector


If you are experiencing an issue with an “anchor disappeared” in Studio X, it could be related to the design or configuration of your automation project. Without more information, I cannot provide a specific solution, but here are a few general steps you can follow to troubleshoot the issue:

  1. Verify the design of your automation project to make sure that the anchor is properly configured.

  2. Check the logs for any error messages or exceptions that may be related to the anchor disappearance.

  3. Test the automation project on a different machine to see if the issue is specific to the environment you are using.