Studio unable to run or debug

I am new to everything and trying to learn lots of things from scratch, in particular from the online courses in Academy. However, I recently encountered a problem that I am unable to resolve even after going through many seems related topics in Forum but to no avail. Likewise, I am putting up as much below information so that resolution can be narrowed down effectively. Appreciate the help as it has been bugging me the last 20+ days when Studio is unable to run or debug. Thanks in advance.

Studio 2020.10.2
Community License
EXE Installer
License Provider: Internal
Company Policy: None
Update Channel: Stable
Microsoft Windows 10 Home 64-bit
.NET Framework Version 4.8 or later

Activity Packages Versions
“dependencies”: {
“UiPath.Excel.Activities”: “[2.9.3]”,
“UiPath.Mail.Activities”: “[1.9.3]”,
“UiPath.System.Activities”: “[20.10.1]”,
“UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities”: “[20.10.6]”

Orchestrator Version
Cloud Orchestrator

Cause: No issue when using earlier but somewhere late Dec 2020, unable to run or debug program in UiPath Studio.

  1. In UiPath Studio > Status Bar,
    shows red dot followed by “Robot Error”.
    Hovered message shows “Communication Error with Robot Service. Please check Robot Service Status.
    Reason: Action not possible. Valid license”
  2. In UiPath Assistant > Title Bar,
    Shows red dot.
    Hovered message shows "Action not possible. Valid license is required!
  3. In UiPath Robot bottom,
    Status: Unlicensed
  4. In Cloud Orchestrator > top right Bell,
    Shows alerts indicating “#robot -attended disconnected (#1222)”
  5. In Cloud Orchestrator > Tenant > Robots,
    Robot “autogen<my email id>” status shows “Disconnected”
  6. In Cloud Orchestrator > Tenant > Machines,
    's workspace machine shows type “Template”

Hello @antonios_chia,

Can you check the Robot is running fine from Service Application?

I hope this Link will help you,

Hi @Pradeep_Shiv (PS),
PS1. When you mentioned “Service Application”, are you referring to “Orchestrator > Tenant > Robots”?
PS2. If yes, the status shows “Disconnected” as mentioned in my initial message.

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No, image
This one

Hi… @Pradeep_Shiv,
Tried your suggested link and here are my feedback.

  1. Approach 1
    Did not find any UiPath Robot service. Hence, nothing to run, stop or restart.
  2. Approach 2
    Completed the steps and still no change.
  3. Approach 3
    Completed the steps and still no change.
  4. Approach 4
    Mine is personal so no proxy or organisation restriction. Likewise, i was able to learn run or debug my programs when it just suddenly malfunctioned out of the blue.

Hi… @Pradeep_Shiv,
After further observations, i suspect that it may not be my uipath studio issue but rather orchestrator. Feeling that my case may be in limbo, I am now browsing through the forum based on keywords “community connected unlicensed”. While still glancing, i noticed many did not leave a concluded solution when issue is resolved or that the topic just ended prematurely without further thoughts. Hopefully, i can find some traces and eventually leave behind a resolved case description so that others who recently encountered similarly can benefit.

I snapshot
“cloud orchestrator > tenant > robot” as the robot is classified as “autogen\[EmailAddress]”

and even in snapshot
“cloud orchestrator > tenant > machines” also machine classified as “autogen\[EmailAddress]”

Not sure if the classifications are normal but if you are able to diagnose based on these clues, appreciate the feedback as I wanted to get my Studio back in action as it has put my learning to a halt which is frustrating. Thanks.

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Hello @antonios_chia,

What’s your Robot Tray status?

hi… @Pradeep_Shiv,
not sure which tray you are referring but here are the snapshots i’ve have gathered for your peruse. still figuring out what really went wrong. please note that i am in community edition. thanks.

  1. in “cloud orchestrator > tenant > users > attended robot”, i have modified the license type to “inherit license from user’s group”

  2. when i switched back to “cloud orchestrator > tenant > robots”, the previous robot “autogen.…” has disappeared.

  3. i checked the “uipath assistant > preferences > orchestrator settings”, it still showed “connected, unlicensed”

  4. in “cloud orchestrator > my folders > default > robots”, there are no robots shown.

  5. in “uipath robot > settings > orchestrator settings > status”, it also showed “unlicensed”.

Hi @antonios_chia

Let’s not leave this topic unanswered :slight_smile: Have you figured it out in the end?
If not, it looks like your setup was a mix of machine key setup for your Assistant and SignIn setup for Orchestrator.

I’m happy to continue the discussion in case it hasn’t been resolved yet :slight_smile:

Hi @loginerror

I’m another newbie, self-taught UIPath user and I think I have the same problem as OP. Would you mind clarifying what you mean by mixing setups? My Orchestrator looks the same as OP’s right up until he started changing things.

Sorry for double posting, but it randomly works now. I spent probably close to 4 hours today between classes trying to fix this, and it just works now. The only thing I did differently now than throughout the day was close all my browser tabs. I don’t see how that could have any impact but there you go. Potentially just a glitch?

Any chance you have restarted your machine as well? If it is community edition, the auto-update can sometimes not restart the robot process which could cause it to misbehave and a machine restart fixes that.

Otherwise, there are some scenarios where connected/unlicensed status could show when trying to setup an unattended robot while using the Sign In feature, but it doesn’t look like it was the issue here.

Thanks for the reply. I did restart my PC earlier in the afternoon after which the Robot Error persisted (and I questioned my life choices for 2 hours straight). After I closed all open programs I noticed a notification in the action center from Assistant that said something like “Successfully connected to orchestrator.” I didn’t think to check the time stamp on it so I’m not sure exactly when it popped. Upon seeing that I reopened UIPath Studio and everything worked perfectly.

You are correct. I was not setting up an unattended robot.

If the problem was related to the auto-update misbehaving, it didn’t fix itself immediately after the restart. Assuming that is was auto-update’s fault, could the delay have been due to some micro-patch needing time to install?

Either way, it works now. I’m just trying to put info out there so the next guy knows what to expect. :sweat_smile:

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