Status: Connected, Unlicensed

Hi there,

I have this problem, Connected, Unlicensed. do I need to pay any license?

How to fix this problem in the Assistent?

In the Ui Studio:


Did you try to reinstall the UiPath Studio?

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Not yet @AndresTarazona !!


Check which license are you using?

Hope this helps you


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Hi @Fabio_Batista,

Kindly Check below Link


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please try with standard machine

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@AndresTarazona I tried reinstall and look at it!!!

What can it be?

Tks @1996 ! but is not working

@ Pawel Wozniak can you help me? I’m better able to connect with UI Studio, what can it be? I already reinstalled the look this, how can I do?


click on machine key then you will see the option of use license key

after that you can select community license then proceed further

let me know if you face any more issue

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@Fabio_Batista - Is AV-T490-10455 your machine? Is it a Server?

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@Fabio_Batista - You will get this error if you have the same user connected to another machine. I have my user signed in another machine, when I try the same user for second machine error comes up. Robots are created on user level now, May be you have the same situation?

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@loginerror @Pablito - Isn’t this actually a problem? Same user can’t create more than 1 robot in Modern Folder at the same time. With classic folder we had the Machine Key to differentiate. If an AD/Local user is tagged to multiple machines, only 1 machine can be active at a time now.

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Thanks Guys …resolved ! I deleted the machine from the Orchestrator and reinstalled the UI

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