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Hi Team,

Please give more information about Studio and StudioX Orchestrator Robot type. How is it different from Attended one.

Sarvesh Dahiya

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Hi @sarvesh.dahiya,
Welcome to the Community!
We are preparing many new announcements in the upcoming period. Stay tuned! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Hi @sarvesh.dahiya

It’s out! :slight_smile:


I am having problems

I’ve requested for a Studio X License, but still not heard anything since yesterday.


Hi @davendra,
StudioX is currently in Preview state so it works based on same Community Licence than Studio.

Ok thats good.
Then why I get this error ? How to resolve it?

The older version of Studio doesn’t work either.


Should I uninstall?

First of all I don’t see you have anything set in the robot. No URL and no machine key. Please follow our documentation to connect robot:

Next thing (I guess you are using Orchestrator Community Edition) please check if all available licences has been assigned to your tenant. Finally please check if you don’t have already Robots deployed in Orchestrator which uses those licences.

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Problem is I cannot enter anything into Orchestrator Settings as its read only?

You could try to reinstall the Studio then. You should normally be able to enter data there.

Yes got it to work thanks.

Now I have robot problems.
I cannot access the Robot see below


By default you tenant user is an administrator. You should be able to create robots and assign workflows to them.

So I don’t understand?

From the screen below you can see I cannot see the Robot but I have created it


You need to create machine, then create robot and assign it together. Please follow the Level 2 - Orchestrator training on Academy.

That i’ve done.

I’ve had it running before… since the latest BETA i’ve got problems.

Can you show your robot tray configuration?

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