Cannot create robot (the GUI image is missing)

Hi all,

This is my first topic on the UiPath Forum :slight_smile:

So we have been using UIpath for a while now and have 6 processes we want to schedule and run automatically. I understand we need to use Orchestator and a robot for that.

This is where I get stuck:

  1. I create a machine with the same name as my Machine Name in the Orchestrator Configuration.
  2. I give the machine 1 license for unattended runtimes and 1 license for testing runtimes.
  3. I copy the machine key in the Orchestrator Configuration and copy-paste the orchestrator URL.
  4. I click connect; it says “connected, unlicensed”.
  5. Then I try to create a robot but there is no option to. There is simply no “+” button.

I have read other topics and checked the correct role/permission: I gave my login all permissions available: both in tenant and in folder.

We are using UIpath Assistant 20.10.2 and UIpath StudioX Community 2020.10.2.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for all the help!

Anyone any ideas?


Check Tenant->License page, There you can see the available licenses

If you have enough license then can you share the license page?


Hi Ksrinu,

Thanks for replying.

This is what the license page shows:

Hope this can explain the cause.

Hi @OSW_Shop,

Kindly mention the orchestrator url as per this blog and try once

Hope this helps,


Hi 1996,

I have pasted the entire orchestrator url, like this:

It’s also connected, but it says unlicensed. I think because there is no robot. But the problem is that I can’t create a robot.

Any other ideas?

The link is like this: [https]://*********/**********Default/

anyone any ideas?