UiPath Robot (or Assistant as it is now) 'Connected, Licensed' but Studio will not acquire license from Orchestrator

Hi there,

is anyone able to help. I have connected my UiPath Robot (or Assistant) to Orchestrator and it’s saying ‘Connected, Licensed’.

When in Orchestrator I can see its connected to the available ‘Studio’ license, and it states which version of Studio it’s connected to.

But when I open Studio on the machine I’m still getting the below?

Hi! welcome to community!

Have you used same credentials to login both assistant and studio?

Once you’re logged in with assistant it won’t asks you to sign in inside the studio.

check your details clearly…

if still getting the same issue…

Sign out from orchestrator and Assistant.

and try to sign in again!


Hey @rebecca.wellard

Which version are you working on?

Double checked the username is correct for both the attended robot and the machine logged into.

I’ve connected 4 people up with no issues, but 1 person having this issue.

Studio 19.10.1
Orchestrator 20.10.9


Reinstall your studio!

Download your studio from orchestrator or Uipath.com!