Simulate Type Into and Click Switching back to Hardware events after first loop

So I’ve been working on the Generate Yearly Report problem and when I go to download the file the save as pops up for the first month and is able to simulate type into and click but for all of the months after that are being downloaded it is doing the type into and click for these as hardware events. Is there any reason why it would be working correctly the first time and not the times after?

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Hi @Robert_Rynard , Welcome to the forums!

Please check the selectors. It is possible that the step that is failing contains the file name that works only for the first time. On the second iteration, a different file is downloaded and your selector is still wired to the previous file.

These selectors have to be generic and must be either made totally independent of the file name. Or, you must have selectors with parameters that would take into account the name of the file downloaded on each iteration.

Thanks and I hope this helps.

Hey @AndyMenon Thanks for responding!

My issues isn’t with the selector as it will type into the correct place 100% of the time. My issues comes from the fact that the first time it will use simulate and is independent of my mouse position but then subsequent loops use hardware and stop my ability to have it run in the background without my mouse.

That is odd!
If this proves to be an issue holding you up, can you opt for another solution.

Allow the file to be downloaded to the default location without having to type the name of the file and do the save.
Use the Wait for Download activity to monitor your default download location
When download event completes, move that file from to your target location from the downloads location (optionally rename it when it is moved)


@AndyMenon As this is just a practice problem from Academy it did not hold me up just the type to always want things to work as they should :sweat_smile: I do wonder though if it may be an issue with the activities package versions I have and may work better with older versions. That is a good work around and had considered it but since I don’t actually need the program to work perfectly I left it as is as I wasn’t sure about what the security implications of moving it to a random folder would have been if this were an actual project. Thanks for taking the time to respond though as I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t making some obvious mistake since I am new to this.

Could be. Doesn’t hurt to try.

I think that depends on the circumstance. In our case, when we run attended, the Robot has the permissions of its owner. So if you have the default downloads folder set to C:\Users\YourUserName\Downloads, that is something that comes out of the box on your machine. This location may not account for a security threat unless the files you are downloading are left undeleted in that folder.

If you are running unattended , then the good practice would be to have all paths and access points of your automation be scrutinized and approved. At least in our case we run all Unattended automations in highly protected space.