Notepad SaveAs process not responding correctly

I created a process to enter information into Notepad, then save the file. I am able to build the process with no problems, and all of the selectors for the click events validate correctly. However, when I run the process, the click event for the File menu button works, but the dropdown disappears before the SaveAs click event fires. This throws an exception every time, stating that the element is not found. Do I need to do something special to make the dropdown menu persist between click events? Note that my issue is at run time, not build time.

What input method are you using for the click on the Save As button? Can you try changin it to something else?

Another thing you could check, is the selector you have for the button. Is it stable / does the automation actually click on the Save As button or somewhere else, closing the menu?


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If you are trying to write data into text file using ui activities it is not a good idea…

Iwe have dedicated activities which can create and write data to text file without even opening it…please try using them

You have option to append data to already existing text file as well using append line

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I have attached a project that I set up specifically to test this scenario after I encountered it in another project (one of the practice exercises in the academy). The settings are all the same, and I get the same error. I have tried changing the input type for the click event, but cannot get any of them to work any better.

Thanks for the links and the tip! Right now, I am going through the UiPath Academy and encountered this error while building one of the demo projects. Understanding that it is not necessarily best practice use this method, I want to figure out why it isn’t working like it does in the demo video to make sure I don’t have a gross conceptual error.


Then can you please share some screenshots of the selectors and the floe…if selectors are wrong then it might fail…its good idea to use ui explorer and find the selector which does not contain any numbers …generally they change


@Anil_G Thanks for assisting. I am attaching the project as a zip file, and screenshots of the overall sequence and the properties for the ‘File’ click activity and the ‘Save’ activity. (10.0 KB)


Please check this…I have only modified one check box. I disabled activate which was creating the issue in save click

image (10.0 KB)

Hope this helps


Thanks, that fixed it!

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