Simulate Type Not working In Browser


Through Chrome browser BOT need to download a specified report, i am using Type Into with simulate checked. The file need to save in other name. The BOT was trying to type the needed one but while clicking save option the report saving with the original name not in needed name. Please help to fix this.

from the above image u can see the BOT typed the name, but after clicked save it saving in original name.

Hi @srinivasanma1

Have you given the full file path in the type into activity?


Hi @srinivasanma1 ,

Send Windows Messages works well with Desktop Applications, could you try switching the Input Mode over to it and try once more?

If that doesn’t work, then you might have to refine the Selector and use a Check App State to ensure that the bot doesn’t write data to the application before it opens.

If that doesn’t work either, then switch the Input Mode to Hardware Events and try again.

Kind Regards,
Ashwin A.K

Yes i have given that, for the understanding i gave the only report name in the screenshot.

yes, i have given the windows message. Its working fine now thanks.

but i have one doubt, i created that BOT in one system in that system Simulate Type & Simulate Click working fine. But copy’d the same program and using in another system ( I mean production system ). but its not working.

Both the systems in same company policy, Uipath version also some. But got stuck here.

you may change to other input type method.

another method you can try to attach desktop / browser scope for desktop app to save your files

Hello @srinivasanma1

The compatibility for simulate and send windows message is not 100% . So for few of the elements it will not support. In those cases you will have to go with the hardware event input methods.


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