Uipath Runtime Error

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How to resolve below runtime exection error in Uipath Studio?

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Is the application on the right page when it hits this stage? It looks like some of the selectors may not be working. Try getting down to the minimum number of selectors possible while still reliably identifying the element. In addition to this, you may want to make the window name selector generic with a wildcard “ACME*”.

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Hi @chenderson,

Thanks for the quick response.

Its not moving to the exact webpage before throwing the error.

This means we might be having an issue with one of the activities before this step.

If the stage before this isn’t navigating to the right page, our type into activity will fail.

Please double-check that the “SimulateClick” option is enabled on the activities before this one.

Yes it is enabled. Below is the SS.

Lets assume the click button selector is correctly configured then after click the WI-Update Page should appear in which you want to type in

You can analyze by debugging and setting breakpoint on type into activity. When click is working fine, then yo will see WI-Update Page. Waiting a little time and continue debugging with step over you can verify that type Into is failing or working

Do the steps above one time with simulate click one time without.

When it works within debugging then maybe the WI-Update is not fast enough loaded and type into fails (normally it should have some tolerance time e.g. timeout default)

However check if its working when you set some delay before time to type Into (e.g. 5000 secs) and check.

The delay before trick should not be the solution, but should let you help to verify the load, not ready issue


Hi @ppr,

By unchecking the SimulateClick on the previous activity, the execution is successful.

Thanks so much for your help.

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