Send Hotkey in Excel Scope throws System.AggregateException

Hey all, as the title suggests, I keep getting an AggregateException everytime I send a Hotkey through Excel. This was working previously until at some point yesterday it stopped. Nothing about the Excel portion of my process was changed when it stopped working.

I have hotkeys sent in other portions of the automation that still work flawlessly.
Everything is within an Excel Application Scope with the Visible Boolean Checked.
The selector for the Send Hotkey was using a variable beforehand but has since been changed to a hardcoded selector as the solution, still no results.

    <wnd app='excel.exe' cls='XLMAIN' title='ClientID - Excel' />
    <uia cls='MsoCommandBar' helpText='Ribbon toolbar' />
    <uia cls='NetUIOfficeCaption' name='ClientID<U+202C>  -  Excel' />

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

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Instead of excel scope use START PROCESS ACTIVITY and pass the filepath of excel as input to the property Filename
So that it will bring the excel to foreground
Then use the set of send hot key activity

Or we can use balareva activities for excel
As well

cheers @GoldCutlery

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Thanks, I actually found another solution to my process anyways. We are trying to insert an image and BalaReva’s Excel Activities seemed to have snuck past me before hand.

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