Issues with hotekeys in an Excel Application Scope executing on different windows

So I have an Excel Application Scope process that includes hotkeys for portions of it. The issue I keep running into is that UiPath will open the selected excel file for the application scope in the background, and then when it gets the the portion of the process where it should use hotkeys on the selected file it instead executes them on the original screen. How do I make the chosen excel file for the application scope the file the hotkeys are performed on?


Make sure Visible property is check in the properties of excel scope.

Try indicating screen on “Send Hotkeys” activity, in this way it knows where to execute the hotkeys. Make them dynamic to use on other excel sheets.

If that doesn’t work, Use “Type Into” activity --> indicate screen --> type in the necessary keys.

Thanks for the response. I already had the Visible box checked. I also want to entirely avoid indicating anything on screen - the point of hotkeys is that I accomplish everything without any clicks or on-screen indication. Again, my main issue is that after the file is opened it doesn’t become the active file that UiPath is recognizing for the Hotkeys. When it opens it blinks white and yellow in the icon bar. Instead, it executes all the excel specific tasks as it should but for actions like “Ctl+c” it attempts it on the previously active screen. Maybe there is a different activity that can replicate Hotkeys that would work better within the excel application scope?

Either way I need to completely avoid indicating anything on the screen. Just need to get it to recognize the excel file from the scope is the file hotkeys should be performed on.

Thanks again! Appreciate the help!

You may try to use Get Active window activity otr else have Attach window activity and place the portion on which the hotkeys has to be performed. Just give a try.


Hi @John

Have you used attached window for Excel application scope


I tried to but it won’t accept anything I put as the window input.

Try to use inside Excel application scope


I have. It still doesn’t work.

You need to provide selectors for the attach window activity

hi @rachrahul2

Selector might change in attach window
so drag send hot key event to select range and try to run
without selector it will work
Ashwin S


Really appreciate the help. None of the reccomended actions have solved the issue. Again, the problem is that instead of the selected file opening it instead blinks orange and doesn’t become the active file. See attached image. When I ran this yesterday it didn’t blink like this, would open, and it ran perfectly. Additionally, during the process if I click into the file through task bar is runs fine. image

Hi @John

Close the file and again start run the code

In send hot key Ctrl+c check empty before typing as checked


@John: Did you find a solution for this?
I’m having the same problems.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Mr_Bank
In the selector of the hot key dont mention anything try to do everything based on excel application scope


Hi @AshwinS2,

Thanks for the feedback. I don’t have any selector in the hot keys, but I’m afraid that doesn’t solve the issue. Uipath opens excel in the background, which the hot keys don’t notice.

It works right after I restart my computer.
It is a working workaround, but it’s quite the burden to request my users to restart their computer every time they want to trigger the robot.

Hi @Mr_Bank

May be previosly lot of cache might be stored in the uipath or temp :slight_smile:

Ashwin S