Excel Send hotkey error

I have scenario where i have to add column in excel using send hotkey …the hotkey we are passing is ctrl+home then ctrl+space then ctrl++ …earlier it is working but now we are getting error as send hotkey: one or more error occurred.

Hi @Gauri_Rawool

Instead of doing it with excel application scope and send hot key

do it with add data column activitiy

Ashwin S

@Gauri - Have you done the attach window for excel scope?
if yes - please remove and try!

Hi @Gauri_Rawool,

If you want to add column in excel you can use Insert/Delete Columns Activity. but if you insist on using Send Hotkey then try using it inside Attach window within Excel Application Scope.
this selector might help:

<wnd app=‘excel.exe’ cls=‘XLMAIN’ />


but how we can give column name using insert delete activity.

Use write cell activity to give names…

check this documentation for managing excel -

Thank you @YAZIDI

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