Send Hotkey Error

Hi all,

my workflow create many excel files in a loop and make many edits in excel.

but it is always getting error one of that same excel edits.

It should make ctrl+g and then write there a1:z2 because it will make this range bold.

But it close the ctrl+g window after it did it (before make click)

That is why it is getting this error:

How should i optimize this process ?

Try without selecting any element for selector in that SEND HOT KEY activity
Also make sure that the excel is opened in foreground with a START PROCESS activity

Cheers @mazlumkacar

excel opens in foreground i am sure about that. and i have tried to use send hotkey without any element. Then i saw got error more often.

Is there a chance to recheck the previous send hotkey activity when it receives this error from the Click activity? It would be great if I could do that.


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Oh one second
I though the erro mr is in Send hot key activity with ctrl+g
Fine as I could see now the error is with click activity
Let’s try one by one of these
—Is simulate click property enabled
—Try with SEND HOT KEY activity with key as enter instead of click activity

Cheers @mazlumkacar

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