Selector Validation Issue on "Type Into" Activity

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I’m using “Type Into” activity, When I indicate on the screen the selector show validate with green box and tick mark but after some time it turns change into red box with cross mark means invalid selector. Could anyone please help me to fix it out.

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Hi @zain.abideen

Could you share the ScreenShot of the Selector in UiExplorer that you re indicating For the Type Into Activity!


Hi @zain.abideen

Try to wildcard the title attribute !

and Check whether its highlighting the correct portion and Other case remove the Idx attribute !


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HI can u provide the screen shot when its green/validated?,
then we might know where the problem is
also when facing with changing selector (ussually have attribut like numbers,1,2,3, etc) you can replace that attribut with variable or wildcards (‘*’)


If applying wildcard and removing idx is not resolving the issue. Please use anchor base to handle this issue.

Hope this will help you. Thank you.

I tried but not working…

When I select the input field the id was ‘rc_select_7’ but now it got invalid selector error coz using inspect I check the Id = ‘rc_select_15’, same input field.

One more thing…!!!
When I use Whildcard (*) application have many input fields so it got confused and starting changing the first input field every time.

like for example by using ‘rc_select_*’ if I type into company it’ll change into title tab and so on every time changes reflect into title tab.


Can you please try the above Anchor Base solution?

Not working


Just try after setting the AnchorPostion to ‘Top’.

The ‘rc’ in your selector is typically indicating the ‘row column’ and its dynamic for certain cases. That why I recommended Anchor Base approach.

Thank you.

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try to use variable? so u can modfy the input of wild cards as u want , sorry theres little i can help when not facing the machine in real time


Anchor based selectors are not supported to validate in Ui Explorer. Please try running the flow and make sure whether it is working or not.

In “Type Into” activity we can simulate hotkey but in this set text there’s no option…how can I manage it.

Actually, I’m tying to set text in input field and by pressing enter the data will save to that specific field.

‘Type Into’ will simulate same keystrokes how we type to enter data into specific UI element. Set Text will set the given value in the specific UI element (text box) in one attempt. Both will work similar way to enter text values in an editable text field. If you want to perform key strokes, please use ‘Send Hotkey’ after the Set Text activity.

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