Error with type into

Anyone knw what is this error?


The issue is with the selector for Type into activity. Please check your selector.

@singhonkar i am not so much understand about selector

can u explain it to me?



Selector is used for identifying particular element on web page where you want to perform any operation like Click activity, Type into activity etc.

In your case, type into activity won’t able to find the selector on web page. Please try with UiExplorer, copy the selector and paste it in your activity. Do validate once before a dry run.

@singhonkar UiExplorer is the top one?


Please refer to the below screenshot for reference.

dont have any selector @singhonkar


Click on Indicate Element and then highlight your desired element on web page. You’ll get the corresponding selector for the same.

u mean copy this

to this?


but still cannot @singhonkar

Drag a new type into activity and copy the selector shown from UiExplorer.


You can use the repair button. It will adjust your selector automatically if it has dynamic data.

@singhonkar thank yo so much. It work already.

@albert.yango but juz now when i try repair , it cannot work.

Can you share the selector after the repair?

@albert.yango here is the selector after repair

Hmm that’s weird, base on your screenshot the selector is invalid, usually after the repair the selector will be valid. If the repair is unsuccessful, it will throw an error

@albert.yango and now i try to do the step mention by @singhonkar ,it show me this error…


previously my program can run, but now cannot already.