Save as on web page

I am trying to do a relative simple task, using IE I need to download a csv file from a web page to a particular location on the server, so I need to use Save As

If I try to use the “Select Item” to mouse click the down arrow next to the save,I get

Does anyone know the correct method to click so I can choose the destination.


This post may help i think

hey @dsb18

I wants to know which IE version you are using because with IE11 it is showing save dialog pop up.

and this problem is due to slow page loading may be due to internet issue or something so Dom elements have not loaded and click event is already fired before loading.

if you are opening a url by uipath so make sure in activites properies always make “complete”.

here with click properties try to check simulate and let me know.
and other check by using UIexplorer you can check if it is a select box or combo box then you can use "select item"activity as well.

Let me know the things.


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I had this problem before with IE so you can try it here. Use an On Element Appears Activity, change the options so that check WaitVisible and set RepeatForever to False and indicate the Save Buttons. Now the button should be clicked as soon as is visible.




Just wondering if you have managed to resolve the issue? I am having this issue when trying to export a report from a website.


@aksh1yadav I have similar issue , tried almost all suggestions in fourm, mentioning required steps.

Downloading some documents required in the process,I want to click on below save and click on Back option. flow is getting stuck on Save/Save as,
If I click Save manually flow is fine. just little delay noticed after save to click Back.

Please Help

That solution worked for me… Thanks

Hi Sir,

I tried On Element Appears activity for below

but still getting error. Open button is not getting clicked and ‘Time Out’ error appeared.

Please suggest.

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I also faced the same problem. But problem is when I am running particular sequence “click save as” is working but same is not working when it is called from main workflow by running main workflow.
Again the same is working when I triggered the main workflow from UiRobot.

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Did anyone get the solution for the same ? Please just let me know

I did as below.

  1. Not using any attach window hence full selector in IE for both clicks
  2. Simulate enabled
  3. WaitForReady to None

Seems fine.
If your Save-as option is delayed for some reason, i.e. more than 30 secs the you can add a delay or element exists before that click

Hey @nadim.warsi ,

Thanks. I will try your solution. But actually it is not going to click. It is unable to find d selectors actually. Anyways will try your solution

Thank u,

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This is what the sample selector should look like if you want to verify:
Save-As arrow:
<wnd app='iexplore.exe' cls='IEFrame' title='Internet Exp*' /> <wnd aaname='Notification' cls='DirectUIHWND' /> <ctrl automationid='IENotificationBar' /> <ctrl name='Save' role='split button' /> <ctrl name='6' role='drop down button' />

Save-as menu item:
<wnd app='iexplore.exe' cls='#32768' /> <ctrl name='Context' role='popup menu' /> <ctrl automationid='53409' />


Thank u so much . I have done with same but don’t know it’s not going to click the save button


Simulate enabled?

no it was not. Let me try then after simulate click

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hi, i have tried both of your method but its still not work for me is there any other method to do it?

hi have you got any solution for this i am also stuck here. please provide if you got one.

can you show what have you done?

I used approach like @nadim.warsi and it works just fine for the first download. I only wrapped the action by “On Element Appear” activity with selector “<wnd app=‘iexplore.exe’ cls=‘IEFrame’ title=‘Volume History Report - Internet Explorer’ />
<wnd aaname=‘Notification’ />” and also using “Attach window” for each dialog.

However for the second and another download the click of split button did not work. Finally I solved it by adding a redundant “Hover” activity before the “Click” activity.

Complete wf in (24.3 KB)