Pressing "download" or "open" doesn't always work

Having trouble automating “download” from the “download bar” in edge web browser on windows 10. Apparently, the “click” function triggers, but nothing happens in the download bar.

Has anyone experienced this? Any good ways to solve this?

Once the download bar appears as shown in the image.
what you have to do is :

  1. Relative click on the arrow button with respect to Save(Lagre)
  2. Then relative click on ‘save as’
  3. then a save as dialog box appear where you can give desired path and click save

Hope this helps your case.


I had this problem before too with that dialog box. It worked fine for me once I used a On Element Appear Activity before the click with the button indicated, RepeatForever set to Flase and WaitVisible ticked.


And also using hardware events works more reliable in that case.

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