Web recording (click)

I am doing a simple web recording to download excel files.When i use the click option to get the saves as option in IE,i am not able to fetch that option.Could anyone help me out?

One way to do it is:

  1. Use hot keys to navigate to that down-facing arrow
  2. Then hotkey to press the down arrows and select the Save As option
  3. Another hot key to hit [enter] and press Save As and open the Save As dialog

My tip is, before trying to interact with that bar, use another Attach Window and select it.

I did it once and it was working.I just want to know why it is not working after that.

I am doing it using web recording.

so you are saying it worked only the first time and when you try with a new page or download it does not work anymore?

Could you let me know how we can do it?

Use the HotKeys activities.
First do a rehearsal. When the dialog box shows up, hit the Tab key to see how many you need.
And then you can use the HotKey activity to produce as many tabs.
Similary, you can do the same thing for the number of down key presses to get to the Save As

The first time time i got the save as button but after that i created multiple workflows to try it but while recording even if i click on the arrow to get that save as option,it is not coming.The one worflow where it worked is also giving an error because now when i try it run it,the save as option does not appear and so i get an error og ui element not present.

the down arrow is found but the save as dont appear or nothing works? The web record will be there just for a reference to learn how to do things yourself, so when you learn more, you will most likely stop using it…

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Amen to that!

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Try with click Image activity
It will works.

A Manohar


Please check below screenshot as per your requirement and find attached workflow.


IESave.zip (24.7 KB)