How to handle download file (save as pop up box) from web


I want to download an excel file from website and I cannot click on save as using UiPath. I have tried with use application/browser activity and also used On element appear activity. but I am not sucessful. How to tackle this issue? Thank you!


Did you try using a separate application browser…because if you observe form ui epxlorer you will see the windows are different

If this is not the issue please elaborate more with some wcreenshots or so to better understand and provide a solution

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Yes I did. I have used separate use application browser activity. The “save as” button is appearing but can’t managed to click on it and save to desired folder.

See attached picture.

Hi @gurmemi

On the left, click Downloads. Change your download settings: To change the default download location, click Change and select where to save your files. If you want to choose a specific location for each download, turn on Ask where to save each file before downloading

By this, whenever you try to download a file, it will ask where to download it, there you can specify the location, file name & even format in which you want to download the file.

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Please try this selector with window messages option or hardware event

<wnd app='msedge.exe' idx='*' /> <ctrl name='Save as More options' role='menu button' /> <ctrl name='Save as' role='push button' />

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