Problem with Save As from web download

Hi, I have this workflow where I choose Save As to download a file from a web site.
(The drop down button is selected to get the menu item Save As, see picture below)
The problem is that it does not always work, sometimes the drop down button is not activated, it just hangs… And the menu item Save As is not coming up.
Any suggestion on how this could be done more robust? And make it work every time?

save as

Hey @Finken, great question! I also need the answer. Do you have the solution?

Is this something available which we can have access to look? or something similar anywhere which you may be aware of. I would like to check and give it a try.

Rammohan B.

Hello @amccusker, have you checked this one?

  1. ALT + N
  2. Tab to save
  3. Press up

I had this issue before, and I solved it by adding an extra click to the drop down list. The first click will navigate the mouse to the drop down, the second will open the drop down. In case it expands the menu on the first click, the second one will expand it again, so no harm is done.

The same problem, resolved only by duplicating clicking activity

Use Activate Window to activate the download bar. Use the click after >> 1st solve

Use retry scope on the click button >>2nd solve