SAP Selectors - Identify Each Element - Troubleshoot Steps

Usually, we see such scenarios where the User account is not configured properly. Kindly verify the same setup if it is done properly.

Configuration to Verify :
Ensure the SAP scripting is enabled for a client and server end for the SAP application.If not request you to please enable the scripting for SAP application:
SAP GUI Scripting is required in order to enable UI elements recognition capabilities in SAP automation. Here are the steps for enabling it:

  1. Server SideLogin to your SAP server.Run transaction RZ11. Specify the parameter namesapgui/user_scripting and click Display. If “Parameter name is unknown” appears in the status bar, this indicates that you are missing the current support package. Check your installed packages. Change the value of sapgui/user_scripting to TRUE.

Click Save.

  1. Client SideOpen SAP GUI OptionsGo to Accessibility & Scripting/ScriptingEnable scripting : checkedNotify when a script attaches to SAP GUI: unchecked

  1. In few known scenarios despite seeing the server side & client side scripting enabled, the “Recording and Playback” option is not enabled for the user. (verify)
  2. Confirm from SAP server admin team and verify if the user ID have authorization for one “S_SCR” object (SAP Object). (verify)

Troubleshoot Approach: (Verify outcome of each step)
5. Try running UiPath Studio in admin mode . - (verify)
6. Opened both SAP & Studio in admin mode - try getting the reliable selectors.
7. Changed the display settings to 100 %, followed by the reboot of the server. - try getting the reliable selectors.
8. Tried getting selectors in all the using Framework mode as

  • Default
  • Active Accessibility
  • Ui Automation

Please confirm the above configuration for your user account & if everything is configured properly kindly follow the troubleshooting steps sequentially .