SAP GUI recording doesn't work

Hi all,
we have SAP Scripting enabled, but I can’t record anythin in a transaction. UiPath marked always the complete window and not the similar elements, like textbox or dropdown. I get the message if I want to use an anchor. What could be the reason for this behavior?

HI @Volker_Hofheinz1

SAP Scripting is not fully enabled. Please check the latest docu once more

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If both client side and server side script has not been enabled then you cannot access any inner element in SAP, please make sure you enabled the script and then try to record it.

both scripting elements are enabled, on the server side and on the client side and it doesn’t works. Is there any other option or authorisation necessary?

HI @Volker_Hofheinz1

Please follow the steps in configuration guide above:

  1. Enabling SAP GUI Scripting
    a. On the Server Side
    b. On the Client Side
  2. Enabling High Speed Connections
  3. Enabling Modal Dialog Boxes
  4. Authorization Rights

Roles can be checked by our SAP System Admins, see here:

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There are few pages in SAP those will not support element access, if this is one of them then you must use anchor based ocr automations.

HI @Divyashreem

Do you have some examples for me? The example from @Volker_Hofheinz1 is super easy page with just input fields

Thanks, Lev

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In Contract account page in SAP bottom left page window will not be able to access.

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Please provide me with the transaction and screenshot. I want to see it. Thanks

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All configurations are made and I also have the authorization rights, but it won’t work. I despair about it.
The problem is that it worked in the past and I don’t know what happened.

Regards, Volker


Do not give up. SAP Automation is done by thousands of our users. It will work also for you.

Please check if this option is active for you? This is a prove, that SAP Scripting Interface was correctly activated.

Let us know…

Best regards, Lev

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