SAP UI Scripting Not Working

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I’m a rookie when it comes to UiPath. I followed the SAP Automation tutorial and was able to enable scripting on the local machine and the server. It worked for a few weeks with no issues. Then as of last week, nothing works. I checked the settings and they are what the video says.

When I go into Basic Recording, I click on Text, Mouse, and Click. I then click on the SAP Instance to login with on the Login Launchpad. Then I would expect a pop-up box to show up on my screen to highlight the appropriate SAP instance. However, nothing shows up to select.

Any thoughts?


Use Critix recording to capture SAP Launchpad.


Many tables and fields in SAP cannot be directly “clicked” by UiPath even with scripting. You can use the search box in the login screen to enter the name of the environment and use the click activity on the first item of the table, that works usually. It’s more difficult to find a specific element in a table.


I had the same problem. I have enabled SAP Scripting , tried using Citrix recording, tried typing in the Search Box, but it would not identify any of them.
I cannot identify the elements inside SAP Logon window.

I have 2018.2.4


Something important to know about SAP scripting is that it can be disabled server side and prevent you to use it even if it is activated on the settings.

Assuming that it is not enabled server you will need to activate the accessibility settings on the options.

Once this us done, you can easily notice it as the selectors from SAP should now have sap tags.


Hello @Florent_Salendres

Thank you so much for prompt response.
My apologies, I forgot to mention, I did follow the same steps from the link and also tried few other things from our community post like Citrix Recording, OCR Scraping and Type into Search box, but it didn’t help me.

Do we have another set of authorization in SAP that would restrict me to capture the elements?

Thank you for all the help.

Have enabled accessibility mode under the options (require to restart SAP logon to take effect.)

When you use the Ui explorer, does it show you sap selectors (with sap tags).

If not, after having all the options, I would try to contact one admin, sometime scripting access is open only allowed to a specific group.


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In my Prod Env - SAP Scripting gets uninstalled/Disabled once in a month- any Idea what the root cause - Local IT network or SAP?

Hi @Syed_Pasha

I would fist contact your IT department.

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