SAP UI Scripting Not Working



Hi -

I’m a rookie when it comes to UiPath. I followed the SAP Automation tutorial and was able to enable scripting on the local machine and the server. It worked for a few weeks with no issues. Then as of last week, nothing works. I checked the settings and they are what the video says.

When I go into Basic Recording, I click on Text, Mouse, and Click. I then click on the SAP Instance to login with on the Login Launchpad. Then I would expect a pop-up box to show up on my screen to highlight the appropriate SAP instance. However, nothing shows up to select.

Any thoughts?



Use Critix recording to capture SAP Launchpad.


Many tables and fields in SAP cannot be directly “clicked” by UiPath even with scripting. You can use the search box in the login screen to enter the name of the environment and use the click activity on the first item of the table, that works usually. It’s more difficult to find a specific element in a table.