Robot unavailable (Robot does not exist)

Kindly assist me. I create a tenant in orchestrator. I connect my robot to the orchestrator. However, the status of the robot is unavailable. I hover to see the hint saying robot does not exist. I’ve checked that my machine name matches the name of the machine in orchestrator. I am using a community version. The robot in orchestrator reports “disconnected” status. Could someone tell me what’s wrong? Appreciated!



Hi @Martin_Ai

Did you create a Robot in the Robots tab and assigned it to your Machine?

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Same issue for me. Did you find a solution?

Stuck in the orchestrator training material. Created a robot and assigned it to a machine… still says “Robot does not exist” in the robot settings.

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Got it working… apparently the way I entered username in the robot settings was wrong. This post helped me:


Issue solved by A robot with user name 'someName' is not defined in Orchestrator


Thank you very much @athuroe, the post helped me fix the issue. Need to change Domain\user name field according to whoami in COmmand Prompt.

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