How to resolve the Issue of Robot Unavailable

Hi Team,

I have Created assets in Orchestrator but when im trying to sync the Orchestrator with Studio i am facing the issue as “Robot Unavailable”.

Could you please help me out.
Thanks in Advance:)

Rajitha Nallagatla

Hi @rajithanallagatla

If you hover your mouse over the “Robot Unavailable” message you will learn more about the error. Typically, the issue comes from the Machine and Robot not being properly configured in the Orchestrator.

Please make sure you follow the guide to set it up here and that your domainname\username are matching the ones you can when you execute this command in the Windows command line:


Try the below troubleshooting steps:

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Hi ,

Can anyone suggest me someother Solution.

Thanks in Advance!!

Hi @rajithanallagatla

This depends on the message you get when you hover your mouse over the error “Robot Unavailable”. Please post a screenshot or a text that is being displayed then.

Hi ,

Attached is the screenshot.

It looks the error is indeed indicating that this is the correct solution:

even i tried with the above mentioned solution its of no use.
Thank you

Try this one


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Can you please list what you have done and also add some screenshots of your settings?

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I have followed the steps listed above

  1. whoami to get username which also included hostname
  2. created a machine template
  3. created a robot with hostname\username from step 1
  4. launched the UI Robot System Tray and settings
  5. used and pasted the machine key
    What did I miss?

Hi @ipreethi,

Please try the Standard Robot.

state the types that you have used.
Also please hover on the Status and let me know what is the message.

Thank you for your response. Per the training, I used Floating Robot

Orchestrator settings window status on hover says Robot does not exist.

Are you able to create a standard bot successfully? Let me know.
Then we can move to floating.

I created a standard robot which seems to create standard machine. Where can I find the machine key to enter in orchestrator settings?

Found it! by clicking on i icon I have successfully connected the standard robot. Will resume course and see if I can attempt a floating robot.

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I am unable to create a machine template and floating robot even after I removed the successful standard robot and machine. Just trying to practice along side the course. See the status as Robot Unavailable.

Hi @ipreethi

Please hover over the Robot unavailable message to see the reason for it (it will display in an info box).