Recording - Preview release

Dear UiPath Community,

I am excited to announce the upcoming release of a new feature powered by our Robots and available in UiPath Orchestrator and Studio Web (Preview): Job Recording. On behalf of all the teams involved, I am more than thrilled to share this feature with you, our community, thus allowing you to troubleshoot faulted jobs more efficiently.

With Video Recording, you can capture the last 3 minutes of the robot execution, which can be incredibly useful in identifying if anything went wrong during job processing. You can configure the feature at process creation and choose to record only faulted jobs or all jobs for Serverless Robot executions, Windows robots 23.2 or newer, ACR VM robots to soon follow. Later Edit: as many of you have expressed interest in testing on Enterprise environments, please note that the 23.4 Robot Enterprise release will be needed, so until then, Serverless is the only option to test this in; thanks for your interest and patience!

But here’s where we have another surprise for you: we are going to enable Screenshots as well, a feature which was available Enterprise only until now, working on Windows Robots older than 19.3.

Once generated and uploaded, the recordings are available in:

  • Orchestrator (both video and screenshots) - in the Job Details or in the Jobs extended grid menu, can be viewed in a new tab or PiP alongside the logs page, playback speed can be set and you can also download it (in Chrome, other browsers’ playback capabilities are more restrictive at this time)
  • Studio Web Preview (video) - under Runs, you will notice a playback icon for executions with Video Recording enabled. NOTE: you can only enable Video Recording via Orchestrator, when editing the process.

It’s important to note that video recordings will be stored for 7 days and then automatically deleted. The retention period might be subject to further changes or future refinements. You will soon be able to also delete them manually in the Job Details or via API as you deem fit. Rest assured that all user operations will be audited, ensuring complete transparency and accountability.

The Recording feature will be available as a Preview feature to all Community users for a limited time only, so we encourage you to try it out, give us your feedback, and help us make it even better.

For more details and insights on how to best configure and use it, please consult our docs page here.

There’s nothing like trying it out for yourself, but to give you an idea of what it is, here’s a quick demo of the feature below:

As always, we’re committed to providing innovative solutions to our users, and the Video Recording feature is a testament to that commitment. We hope that it will make troubleshooting job executions much easier and more efficient for you.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We value your feedback, and we look forward to hearing your thoughts on this exciting new feature.

Thank you for your continuous support!

Best regards,
Adrian Tamas
UiPath Product Manager


Hi @Adrian_Tamas

This is amazing! Thanks for sharing…
Also, what a great post to join the UiPath Forum! Welcome to the community! :slight_smile:


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Amazing! Is the recording available only on the job level or would be there an option to enable recording on transaction level? Eg: if a queue item fails, would be there an option to record it?


Hi. Job level at the moment, but we’re looking into this improvement as well. Thanks for the feedback!

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I Created a Solution in 2022.12.0 and Deployed the same to orchestrator. While creating the process I am only getting the screenshot Option in Recording ( Attached Screenshot)

Please Guide Am I missing something ?
this is yet to be released …

Excited to try this :slight_smile:


Hi. Are you on the Community plan? If not, it will soon be available on the Enterprise plan as well. Looking forward to hearing back your feedback once you try it!


Yes, I am on Enterprise Plan , Will try on my community plan and share the feedback.

Also , Welcome to the Community :slight_smile:


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@Adrian_Tamas ,

I tried this - This Worked Perfectly And I was able to view the Recording as Well . After some time when I attempt to RePlay the Recording - Is Says - An Error has occured . Attached Screenshot.

One feedback :slight_smile:

We can think of an Option to add a Filter Here - to Filter out the Jobs which has Recordings or we can Put some Symbol to differentiate the jobs with screenshot / Videos.

This is for the support people monitoring a lot of Jobs.


Thanks, we will look into this.

Thanks for the feedback, will see what we can do. Filtering was initially in scope but the team encountered some challenges in delivering it in v1.

Can we save the recording or share via emails to business groups?


Yes we have option to Play the Recording , we can play it in PIP and the same time Download the Same.


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Thanks Mukesh it helps

Amazing feature. Thanks

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Most desired feature in my organisation!!


That would be great to get the option to get record from failed transaction. Then this option would be usefull on queue level (not process). In that case if I would need to check some faulted item I could enable that option inside queue settings, clone the item and restart execution.


Thanks for the feedback!, it’s on our to-improve list.

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Is there any timeline, when it will be available in enterprise cloud orchestrator

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Hi. It will be included in the next Automation Cloud release. Looking forward to you trying it out and sharing feedback.

FYI - we will also present it in this months’ demo day. Hope you can join.