Job Recording Question

Hi everyone.

I have a doubt about the job recording feature, do anyone know the time limit of the recording video?

My videos has about 3 minutes, is this the time limit?

Hi @uKisuke

In UiPath, the job recording feature allows you to record your actions as you interact with an application or a process. However, UiPath does not impose a specific time limit on the recording itself. You can record actions for as long as you need to complete your process or capture the necessary steps.


Hi @Nitya1

Thanks for the fast answer, but I think that maybe there is a limit, since my job has about 1 hour duration and the video just has the last 3 minutes :frowning:


The limit is last 3 minutes. Hope this clears


Thank you @Anil_G :slight_smile:

I really am getting old, how did I not saw this hahahhaha

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