Read PO no. and item for a no. of excel files and copy to maintain PO Doc. in SAP

Dear Experts,

Our problem is similar to the following Forms (but not the same) -

Our problem is as below -

  1. We have a folder which contains a no. of excel files.
  2. In each file, there are two columns “PO no.” & " PO Item".
  3. We would like to automatically read & copy the PO no. & PO item one-by-one within the file, and then paste each PO no. to SAP PO Doc. (i.e. TCode ME22N) to maintain the PO Doc.
  4. After inputting the PO no. in TCode ME22N of SAP, will also locate the “PO item” to input something under the PO item level, e.g. check the checkbox “Acknowl.Reqd” under “Item - Confirmations” view, as below -

    or input something like “PO sent” in a Text field under under “Item - Texts” view, as below -

    Finally SAVE the PO Doc.
  5. After completing the above step 3-4, will read and copy the next “PO no.” & “PO item” in the file and then paste to SAP to repeatedly proceed the above steps 3-4 until all of the records have been proceeded within the file.
  6. After completing to proceed one file, will continue to proceed the next file and repeat the above steps 3-4 under all of the files have been proceeded under the folder.

For your info., before the above steps 1-6, we have an action to sent the above excel files and then move these sent files into a temp folder in the above step 1, e.g. named as “Sent”. After completing the above steps 1-6, the folder of the above step 1 will then be renamed as the sent record, e.g. “Sent_ddMMyyhhmm”. We can setup for this process.

However, we don’t know on how to setup for the above steps 1-6 to integrate with SAP. Could you advise whether the above steps 1-6 is possible to setup ? and How to implement to setup for the above steps 1-6 ?

Many Thanks,
KH Fong

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Hi @khofong3

All steps above can be performed. To answer your question: yes, it is possible.

Take step by step approach, implement the flow for step 1, then for next steps and do it just for one PO and then extend it for more and more.

How to work with Excel and Import the data, are in the link above, which you found.

Best regards, Lev

Dear LevKushnir,

Thanks for your reply. Could you also advise how to implement for our above steps 1-6 in details ?

Many Thanks,
KH Fong

HI @khofong3

Yes, go here and in a few hours, you become an expert in SAP Automation. Do not forget to accomplish also UiPath Foundation Training.

SAP Academy course will help you to learn the automation techniques and the best practices for SAP WinGUI automation

Best regards, Lev

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