Read excel File and create Purchase Order

Hello everybody

I’m starting with uiPath and I’m working with a excel file where I have rows with information neccesary to create P.O in SAP. the I’ve already create the VBA script, to generate P.O on SAP, but now, I would like try to read this excel file, and start to create while the secuence find registers.
And then after finish to create them save the order(each one) in a specific folder, waiting for payment proccess.

I’ very impressed with the software and I hope learn a lot

I appreciate all your comments and help

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Hi @Francisco_Morales,

To read an Excel file use Excel application scope activity and use Read range activity inside it. Read range gives you the output into a datatable. So you can use For each row activity to read datatable row by row.
In for each loop you can put if condition for registers and perform the action as per your requirement.

Hope this will help you!

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Hello @anujmca31

For now and thanks to your tips, I can read the ID registers column and show them secuencial. (I insert a message box as a test)
Excel scope->Read Range->Foreach row->Open browser->Login (til here, all its ok)

But how can I do that it goes copying the fields from excel on the web page or SAP?

How can I indicate what field will be copied from the excel file in respective web field (or SAP field)

Thanks Again

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I’ve try the following this video:

  1. Excel Scope
  2. read range
  3. For Each Row
    Inside of this for each, each field is related to the corresponding cell, with row.Item(“PC ID”).ToString

there are some UI controls for example the combo box, with static information and no load the information.

Please your help