Copying a coloumn(one by one) from excel and pasting it in SAP


I have an excel file with me, now i need to read a particular column from that excel file(one by one) and paste it in SAP.
ExportFile(09.10.2019).xlsx (5.0 KB) I have attached excel file - i need to copy data from Document ID(one by one0 and paste it in SAP.
Kindly help me with this.

1.Read your excel and keep in datatable (excelDatatable)
2.Add that particular column in Array using below query in assign operator
documentArr = excelDatatable.AsEnumerable().Select(function® r(“Document Id”).ToString).ToArray
3.Now using for each iterate your Array variable(documentVar)
4.Now you can pass the every item one by one in your SAP

Use read range method,
then use For each method
and then you are able to copy data from each row and column to SAP :slight_smile:

Hello @HarshithRao

Thank you for your inquiry

What I’ve done is that I put in on the clipbboard and then use F8, F8 is paste in SAP … paste data.xaml (34.0 KB)

  1. Put it on a variable

2. Set the clipboard


  1. Paste it :slight_smile:


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