Copy and paste into the same excel file

Hello everyone, I need you help, again. :slight_smile: . I have a process, first step is to read an excel where I have “Material” column, copy and paste it into SAP to find some information. The question is : how can I save some information from that window, for that “SBI” number, and save them into the same excel file, one by one in each row? the final table to be something like below. The first three columns are saved from the beginning of the process. So, now, what I want to do is that, how can I save the information from the SAP and write them into the last three columns “Invoice”, “Qty”, “Batch number”.
The reason is that I want to make a connection between two different transaction in SAP with different roles and the only way is that with the “Material” number. I cannot share with you the files, but maybe you can tell me from you experience.
Thank you very much!


Use For Each row Activity and use TypeInto to write into SAP

to write into Excel back check below for your reference


Hope this may help you