Read Excel cell and paste data in SAP

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I came across a new query where I have to read 6 columns and multiple rows or minimum 30 rows (Bases on sheet name) in an excel and the have to paste the data in SAP based on each row data as below.

I am unable to get the best possible way to work on this scenario, could you please help me to develop the workflow.

Hello @Rahulsinha,

You can extract cells like this :-
dt_Test.Rows(input row number).Item(“input column name”).ToString


Hi @Rahulsinha,

Use this activity to copy the data to set in clipboard in Excel .

Use the shortcut in SAP to paste.

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Thanks @balupad14 :slight_smile:
Could you please confirm how will I be able to paste it in SAP because all data will need to be put in different fields in SAP. bit confused